Summer Robotics Camp

At Robot Crops Summer Robotics Camp, kids of all skill levels explore robotics and coding in an intellectually rigorous and fun learning environment, gaining tools necessary for success in school and beyond. Robot Corps teaches students to overcome challenges and solve problems while tackling task-oriented, goal-driven projects in both individualized and collaborative work settings. Kids also get active outside the classroom, participating in boxing, archery, chess, soccer, and general fun time.

Open to all types of students, ranging from Princeton locals to international students, Robot Corps fosters a diverse classroom experience and emphasizes the value of community. Working with Legos and Sphero, students receive training for logical thinking and problem solving. With a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, kids are certain to receive plenty of care and attention from high-quality teachers, all with strong STEM backgrounds and leadership skills. Parents can track their kids’ progress throughout the week, as they will receive detailed teacher feedback and progress reports each day, including key robotics concepts their children learned and pictures of moments from class, recess, lunch, and other activities.

The camp was founded by Yan and Yiyun, managers of Robot Corps Company 5, who are not only experienced educators but also parents. They are dedicated to providing a camp experience that benefits even their own children and fits right into the surrounding high standard of STEM education of Princeton, New Jersey. Yan and Yiyun are confident that Robot Corps delivers an education fulfilling parents’ and kids’ expectations.

Robot Corps and PRS School also offers a STEAM after-school program for children interested in furthering their coding and robotics experience in a competitive team setting. The robotics team will build upon the training students receive during the summer camp and attend local competitions. Students will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities like archery, chess, and boxing.

One parent: Thanks Yan and Yiyun for giving parents such detailed program reports. “I think Enric gained a lot from teachers. In the meantime, he found his passion. Due to proper guidance from the teachers, he was able to work with other kids very well. Even though he was there only a week, both for us feel Robot Corps program was organized very well. We will definitely spread the word to other parents.” – Enric Wang’s mom (Mingdi Gu)

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