Mr. Lance

Mr. Lance graduated with BA in education studies and computer science at Brown University, and Master’s in Technology, Innovation, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. A member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, Mr. Lance understands the strengths and needs of children. Passionate in teaching, he seeks to inspire children’s curiosity in math and help them build the intuitions that would be crucial for years to come.

Mr. Lance本科在布朗大学研读教育研究和计算机科学,在哈佛教育学院攻读教育科技与创新的硕士。Mr. Lance在教育科学领域的丰富经验让他对孩子的能力和需求有着深刻的理解。他希望通过激发孩子们对数学的好奇心,搭建稳固的数学知识结构,培养能让他们受益终生的数学直觉。

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