Math Challenge (Gr.1- Gr.3)

Math is for everyone. If kids begin to enjoy the magic of Math they will surely fall love with Math. When it comes to learning, we need to meet our children at where they are, instead of following rigid guidelines based on their age. Kids love challenges. When they are challenged with suitable questions, they will be inspired and enjoy the exploration.

This introductory math class is built upon the Singaporean curriculum and supplemented with challenging problems, designed for children who are interested and motivated. It aims to both build a more solid foundation based on what they already know and offer more knowledge to build even higher. Focusing on the mathematical skills that children will need to master, this class not only makes sure children excel at the math problems, but also develop a solid frame of mathematical knowledge. Children will acquire meticulous ways of approaching math, and form intuitions that will benefit them long-term, in preparation for competitions and further challenges.

Session 1, 5 classes, Nov- Dec

Lesson 1

  • Counting and comparing numbers

Lesson 2

  • 2-digit addition and subtraction

Lesson 3

  • 4-digit addition and subtraction

Lesson 4

  • Addition and subtraction word problems

Lesson 5

  • Introduction to multiplication and division

Session 2, 19 classes, Jan- May

Lesson 6

  • 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication and division

Lesson 7

  • Quotient and remainder

Lesson 8

  • More advanced multiplication and division

Lesson 9

  • Multiplication table

Lesson 10

  • Review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Lesson 11

  • Mental calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Lesson 12

  • Counting and calculating money

Lesson 13

  • Decimals

Lesson 14

  • Imperial unit system

Lesson 15

  • Metric unit system

Lesson 16

  • Reading bar graph

Lesson 17

  • Introduction to fraction

Lesson 18

  • Comparing fractions

Lesson 19

  • Equivalent fractions

Lesson 20

  • Counting and calculating time

Lesson 21

  • Introduction to geometry, angles

Lesson 22

  • Area

Lesson 23

  • Perimeter

Lesson 24

  • Review of geometry

TeacherMr. Lance (see teacher’sBIO)

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