Mr. Xie

Mr. Xie is a highly experienced teacher in children’s programming. A skilled software engineer, Mike has worked in software developing and project management for 10 years. He integrates his expertise through building creative and fun project-based learning environments.  In doing so, Mike fosters students’ interest and engagement in CS, especially in helping students prepare for USACO and AP Computer Science.  He’s very excited to join us, and even built his own program and website to help children gain further interest in the subject.

Mr. Xie在少儿编程教学领域有丰富的教学经验,他将10多年的软件编程和项目开发经验融汇于教学当中,引领孩子们在良好的编程习惯下培养编程思维,为日后进阶到更高层次的编程实践打下良好的基础。除了少儿编程,Mr. Xie在AP计算机和USACO方面也有丰富的辅导经验,他辅导的学员在各类考试和竞赛中都取得了优异成绩。

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