Mr. Mandizha

Mr. Mandizha, an International master based in the US  has been individually active in the chess community as well, having participated in the Chess Olympiad since 2012. Farai’s determination and tactical style allow him to conquer difficult matches even with chess Grandmasters.  As an experienced coach, Farai has led the NYC Hunter College Elementary Chess Teams to win several National Championships.  His teaching style centers around helping students understand the unique properties of each piece and the various ways they cooperate to form the best winning strategy. To him, the essence of chess is in its constant change, not memorized strategy.  Hence, he focuses on showing his students in all phases of the game, helping them to take in and interpret information from the entire chessboard and teaching them how to be both better players, but more importantly, better thinkers.

Mr. Mandizha是美国国际象棋大师职业棋手,曾多次获得非洲冠军。Mr. Mandizha自2012年一直活跃在国际级象棋大赛中,是一名优秀的奥林匹克国际象棋参赛选手,他也是纽约亨特小学 (NYC Hunter College Elementary) 国际象棋总教练。作为一名经验丰富的国际象棋教练,Mr. Mandizha 带领纽约亨特小学国际象棋队多次赢得了全美冠军。

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