Mrs. Chesebro

Mrs. Chesebro has taught grades 2 through high school. For the last 20+ years, she worked with gifted elementary and middle school students. During that time, she coached classes in Debate, Model UN, Public Speaking, and guided students as they developed their own TED-style talks. Most recently, she was a co-organizer at a high school TEDx event.  Elaine travels to China twice a year to work in a STEM camp, teaching science and math courses.

Mrs. Chesebro是天才班的资深老师,在过去20多年的教师生涯中,她主要教授天才班的学生。她在辩论、模拟联合国、公共演讲等课程中担任老师和教练,指导学生在TED风格的演讲中建立自己的风格。Mrs. Chesebro耐心细腻,循循善诱,深受家长和学生们的好评。

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