Ms. Bengels

Ms. Bengels has received master degrees in Language Education and Gifted Education and is currently pursuing her PhD in Holocaust Studies. Having taught for over 20 years, she is passionate and experienced in teaching young, gifted students in subjects including language arts, math, theater, debate, and foreign languages.  As a well recognized writer herself, Ms. Bengels looks forward to working with students to help them put thoughts to paper in a creative, unique, and beautiful way.

Ms. Bengels拥有语言教育和天才教育的硕士学位,在她20多年的教学经历中,她教授天才班学生语言艺术、戏剧、数学等科目。Ms. Bengels将帮助学生在阅读写作方面充分拓展,不断探索开发语言文字的驾驭能力。

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