Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Cox received a B.A. from Harvard University in History & Literature and an M.A. from Western Connecticut State University in English with a focus on writing education. Prior to her career in education, Mrs. Cox was a book editor at Simon & Schuster and Hyperion Press. Working as an excellent high school English teacher for many years, Mrs. Cox’s honors in teaching include selection for 2018 Fund for Teachers Fellow (2018), selection for 2020 AP Language & Composition Exam Reader, and many more distinguished awards. With extensive experience in helping children prepare for AP Literature & Composition, AP Language & Composition, 9th Grade Honors and CP English, 10th Grade Honors and CP English, and Poetry, Mrs. Cox is an inspiring teacher who can really get high schoolers passionate about the art and science of writing.

Mrs. Cox 以优等生的荣誉获得哈佛大学历史文学系学士学位以及西康涅狄格州立大学英语硕士学位(专注于写作教学)。在从事教育工作之前,Ms. Cox 在Simon & Schuster和Hyperion Press等知名出版社任编辑。转行教育后,Mrs. Cox 成为一名优秀的高中英语教师,她在教学方面获得的荣誉包括入选 2018 年教师基金的优秀教师、入选 AP 语言和作文阅卷评审老师等杰出奖项。她在AP 文学和写作、AP 语言和写作、9-10 年级荣誉课程(Honor)以及诗歌等方面有着丰富的教学经验,她将为初中生和高中生们带来高品质的英文阅读和写作课程。Mrs. Cox是一位鼓舞人心的老师,可以激发学生的热情,提高英文文学素养和写作的艺术。

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