English Reading & Writing ( Grade 6-8)

In Reading & Writing, students will learn to develop and strengthen their writing through planning, revising, editing, and rewriting. Readings in this course will emphasize analysis of character and theme, authorial craft and style, and the elements of strong writing. The goal of class discussions and guided reading questions will be the development of students’ critical thinking skills through their active engagements with each week’s texts. Class discussions and activities will be focused on teaching students close reading skills and fostering students’ independent thinking. The course is primarily designed to strengthen students in academic reading and writing. Each class will involve reading and writing assignments. Students will be taught narrative, argumentative, and informative composition skills. Students will learn to consider the logical organization of their writing, how to choose relevant textual evidence in their literary analysis, and how to support claims in an argumentative essay with clear reasoning and sufficient evidence. Grammar and writing mechanics will be topics of specific instruction. The goal of this course is to strengthen students’ reading and writing skills in order to prepare them for challenging English Language Arts courses at the high school level.

Teacher: Mrs. Cox(see teacher’sBIO)

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