AMC 8(Grade 5-8)

The AMC 8 is a middle school level math competition and the first stage in selecting students to represent the US in the International Math Olympiad. This course covers all of the exam questions from the past three years. The lessons are organized by topics: Arithmetic, Factors, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Graphs, and Combinations in that order. Some topics require more than one lesson because there are many questions in it. It is suitable for students in grades 5-8 who are preparing to participate in AMC8.


● Arithmetic

Lesson 1: Order oÿ Operations, Percentages, Divisibility, Estimation

Lesson 2: Factorial, Mean Median and Mode, Harmonic Mean, Remainder, Combinations

Lesson 3: Telescoping, Tracking Group Elements, Cubes, Square Roots

● Geometry

Lesson 4: 2D Shapes/Area

Lesson 5: Similar Triangles, Triangle Slicing, Triangle, Interior Angles

Lesson 6: 3D Shapes/Distance, Volume, Planes, Inscribed Shapes, Lines of Symmetry

● Factors

Lesson 7: Prime Factorization, Palindromes, Number of Factors, Maximizing Digits

● Fractions

Lesson 8: Ratio Comparisons, Smallest Positive Integer, LCM with Constraints

● Algebra

Lesson 9: Distance Speed and Time, Constraints and Inequality, Compounding

Lesson 10: xy-Plane, Rates, Game Theory, Absolute Value, Quadratics, Groups

● Probability/Graphs

Lesson 11: Independent/Dependent Events, Graph Analysis, Data Visualization

● Combinations

Lesson 12: 2D/Geometric/Conditional Arrangements, Permutations, Binary Logic

Teacher: Mr. Costa(see teacher’sBIO)

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