Presentation(Grade 2-6)

Presentation skills are critical, both in and outside the classroom, in school and at work. In this course, students will learn and apply impactful presentation skills, such as researching, writing, and organizing speeches, speaking with confidence, knowing when to use humor, and how to use effective visuals. They will learn speaking strategies that will engage an audience. Students will be introduced to a variety of technical tools that will enhance their presentations and use those tools effectively.  They will have opportunities to deliver practice presentations, individually and with a partner or group, and will learn to give and receive appropriate feedback. All students will plan and present a final project on a topic of their choosing.

Date:9/8~12/22, 2020


  • 2-3rd:16:00-17:00 pm EST, every Tuesday
  • 4-6th:17:15-18:15 pm EST, every Tuesday


Size:12-15 students

Teacher: Mrs. Chesebro (see teacher’sBIO)

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