Reading and Writing (Grades 2-3)

In this fast-paced course, students will explore how words help writers build worlds.  They will explore fiction and non-fiction texts along with poetry, and analyze the tools authors use to create vivid images and rich experiences across different genres.  Students will work on developing high-level vocabulary in context, varying their sentence structure, and creating their own expanded piece of fiction based on an imagined world.  


Session 1:       What is world building?                     

Session 2:       How does perspective work in writing?

Session 3:       How do details make a character come alive?

Session 4:       How can a setting add to a plot and also add symbolism to a story?

Session 5:       How do conflicts help authors develop a plot?

Session 6:       What is a story arc and how does that help me plan my story?

Session 7:       How do authors of fiction and non-fiction begin their works?

Session 8:       How does dialogue help my writing? Can I use it for non-fiction, too?

Session 9:       How can I vary my sentences to liven my writing?

Session 10:     How does pacing affect the reader’s experience?

Session 11:     What are some best practices in editing? (1)

Session 12:     How can I choose the best word to make my writing vivid?

Session 13:    How do I create a biographical author’s note?

Session 14:   Author’s Sharing Event

Session 15:   Next steps: How can I use my words to make an impact on this world?

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