Mr. Zhang

Mr. Zhang has been engaged in software development work and has extensive software development experience. After entering the technology education industry, he mainly teaches courses such as Python, C++, Scratch, etc. Having trained many students who have won awards in programming competitions over the years, Mr. Zhang is well versed in keeping kids intrigued and excited about programming at all levels.


World Literature (Grade8-11th)

In World Literature, students will improve their critical reading skills by studying classical and contemporary literary works from around the globe. Readings will include a wide variety of literary genres from short stories and novels (fiction), to plays, nonfiction and poetry. Students will improve their analytical reading and writing skills through written responses to the literature and through guided discussion questions. Students will have the chance to take part in lively class discussions including Socratic seminars and collaborative group work. The course will focus on improving students’ critical reading skills and reading comprehension. Students will be taught to respond to literature with focused analytical writing. Students will write analytical essays, edit, and revise their work carefully; they will also incorporate lessons in writing, grammar and vocabulary. The course is designed to stimulate and challenge students as well as to improve students’ English Language Arts skills.

Teacher: Mrs. Cox(see teacher’sBIO)

Scratch intermediate

This class will accommodate students who are already familiar with the block programming language Scratch. Most students will work with the instructor during classes as we build projects designed for their skill levels. Some of these projects may span multiple sessions. Those who are sufficiently advanced can create their own ideas, subject to the instructor’s approval. The projects can range from simple animations to fully integrated games and other applications, with the goal being that they learn and have fun at the same time!

Teacher: Mr. Costa(see teacher’sBIO)

Python Intermediate(Grade 4 & up)

Python is a highly intuitive programming language. In this class, we will use Project Based Learning (PBL) which is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.

We’ll be teaching programming through the following projects:

● Automatic Visual calculator – (Variables)

● Logo Designer – (Loop / Variables)

● Roll a dice – (List / Loop)

● Number Lines – (Function / List / Loop)

● & more

Teacher: Mr. Xie(see teacher’sBIO)

AMC 8(Grade 5-8)

The AMC 8 is a middle school level math competition and the first stage in selecting students to represent the US in the International Math Olympiad. This course covers all of the exam questions from the past three years. The lessons are organized by topics: Arithmetic, Factors, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Graphs, and Combinations in that order. Some topics require more than one lesson because there are many questions in it. It is suitable for students in grades 5-8 who are preparing to participate in AMC8.


● Arithmetic

Lesson 1: Order oÿ Operations, Percentages, Divisibility, Estimation

Lesson 2: Factorial, Mean Median and Mode, Harmonic Mean, Remainder, Combinations

Lesson 3: Telescoping, Tracking Group Elements, Cubes, Square Roots

● Geometry

Lesson 4: 2D Shapes/Area

Lesson 5: Similar Triangles, Triangle Slicing, Triangle, Interior Angles

Lesson 6: 3D Shapes/Distance, Volume, Planes, Inscribed Shapes, Lines of Symmetry

● Factors

Lesson 7: Prime Factorization, Palindromes, Number of Factors, Maximizing Digits

● Fractions

Lesson 8: Ratio Comparisons, Smallest Positive Integer, LCM with Constraints

● Algebra

Lesson 9: Distance Speed and Time, Constraints and Inequality, Compounding

Lesson 10: xy-Plane, Rates, Game Theory, Absolute Value, Quadratics, Groups

● Probability/Graphs

Lesson 11: Independent/Dependent Events, Graph Analysis, Data Visualization

● Combinations

Lesson 12: 2D/Geometric/Conditional Arrangements, Permutations, Binary Logic

Teacher: Mr. Costa(see teacher’sBIO)

Python Beginner (Grade 3-5) (This class is conducted in CHinese)


Python Beginner专门针对中小学生定制,主要涵盖以下内容:Python概述,Python语法基础,Python数据类型,Python运算符,Python判断语句,for循环语句,while循环语句,Python列表(一),Python列表(二),Python元组,Python字典,字符串,函数,Python文件操作,turtle模块。

开课日期 :9/18~12/18, /2020

上课时间 : 19:30-21:00, every Friday

适合年龄 :3 – 5 年级学生

班级人数 :8 – 10 人

课程安排 :

  第一节 Python概述   1.Python发展历程 2.Python特点 3.Python的应用领域 4.Python的安装      第二节  Python语法基础   1.Python注释 2.Python语句换行 3.Python输入/输出 4.Python变量 5.练习  第三节  Python数据类型   1.整型 2.浮点型 3.字符串 4.布尔类型 5.数据类型转换 6.练习
  第四节  Python运算符   1.基本运算符 2.比较运算符 3.等式运算符 4.实战练习  第五节  Python判断语句   1.单条件判断 2.多条件判断 3.实战练习  第六节  for循环语句   1.三种循环方式 2.实战练习    
  第七节  while循环语句   1.while循环循环 2.break关键字 3.continue关键字 4.实战练习  第八节 Python列表(一)   1.认识列表 2.下标 3.元素查询 4.实战练习  第九节 Python列表(二)   1.列表添加 2.列表删除 3.列表修改 4.实战练习
  第十节  Python元组   1.认识元组 2.元组查询 3.元组修改 4.元组删除 5.实战练习    第十一节  Python字典   1.认识字典 2.字典查询 3.字典添加 4.字典修改 5.字典删除 6.实战练习  第十二节  字符串   1.认识字符串 2.字符串基本操作 3.实战练习  
  第十三节  函数   1.认识函数 2.创建函数 3.调用函数 4.带参数函数 5.实战练习  第十四节 Python文件操作   1.打开文件 2.读取文件 3.写入文件 4.关闭文件 5.实战练习  第十五节  turtle模块   1.常用函数 2.实战练习  

老师:张老师(see teacher’sBIO)

Scratch Beginner (Grade 1 & up) (This class is conducted in Chinese)






开课日期 :9/17~12/17,2020

上课时间 : 19:00-20:30 , every Thursday

适合年龄 :一年级以上

班级人数 :8 – 10 人






























老师:靳老师(see teacher’sBIO)

English Reading & Writing ( Grade 6-8)

In Reading & Writing, students will learn to develop and strengthen their writing through planning, revising, editing, and rewriting. Readings in this course will emphasize analysis of character and theme, authorial craft and style, and the elements of strong writing. The goal of class discussions and guided reading questions will be the development of students’ critical thinking skills through their active engagements with each week’s texts. Class discussions and activities will be focused on teaching students close reading skills and fostering students’ independent thinking. The course is primarily designed to strengthen students in academic reading and writing. Each class will involve reading and writing assignments. Students will be taught narrative, argumentative, and informative composition skills. Students will learn to consider the logical organization of their writing, how to choose relevant textual evidence in their literary analysis, and how to support claims in an argumentative essay with clear reasoning and sufficient evidence. Grammar and writing mechanics will be topics of specific instruction. The goal of this course is to strengthen students’ reading and writing skills in order to prepare them for challenging English Language Arts courses at the high school level.

Teacher: Mrs. Cox(see teacher’sBIO)

TED-Style Speaking Class(not affiliated with TED) (Grade 6-10)

Great speakers know how to capture an audience’s attention and keep them engaged. They craft beautiful sentences, use vivid images, and make people want to know more! In this class, you’ll examine some of the most frequently viewed TED talks and learn how to write and deliver your own. You’ll present your final talk to an audience!

Date:9/4~12/18, 2020

Time:19:30-21.:00 pm , every Friday


Size:12-15 students

Teacher: Mrs. Chesebro(see teacher’sBIO)

Presentation(Grade 2-6)

Presentation skills are critical, both in and outside the classroom, in school and at work. In this course, students will learn and apply impactful presentation skills, such as researching, writing, and organizing speeches, speaking with confidence, knowing when to use humor, and how to use effective visuals. They will learn speaking strategies that will engage an audience. Students will be introduced to a variety of technical tools that will enhance their presentations and use those tools effectively.  They will have opportunities to deliver practice presentations, individually and with a partner or group, and will learn to give and receive appropriate feedback. All students will plan and present a final project on a topic of their choosing.

Date:9/8~12/22, 2020


  • 2-3rd:16:00-17:00 pm EST, every Tuesday
  • 4-6th:17:15-18:15 pm EST, every Tuesday


Size:12-15 students

Teacher: Mrs. Chesebro (see teacher’sBIO)