Math Challenge (Gr.1- Gr.3)

Math is for everyone. If kids begin to enjoy the magic of Math they will surely fall love with Math. When it comes to learning, we need to meet our children at where they are, instead of following rigid guidelines based on their age. Kids love challenges. When they are challenged with suitable questions, they will be inspired and enjoy the exploration.

This introductory math class is built upon the Singaporean curriculum and supplemented with challenging problems, designed for children who are interested and motivated. It aims to both build a more solid foundation based on what they already know and offer more knowledge to build even higher. Focusing on the mathematical skills that children will need to master, this class not only makes sure children excel at the math problems, but also develop a solid frame of mathematical knowledge. Children will acquire meticulous ways of approaching math, and form intuitions that will benefit them long-term, in preparation for competitions and further challenges.

Session 1, 5 classes, Nov- Dec

Lesson 1

  • Counting and comparing numbers

Lesson 2

  • 2-digit addition and subtraction

Lesson 3

  • 4-digit addition and subtraction

Lesson 4

  • Addition and subtraction word problems

Lesson 5

  • Introduction to multiplication and division

Session 2, 19 classes, Jan- May

Lesson 6

  • 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication and division

Lesson 7

  • Quotient and remainder

Lesson 8

  • More advanced multiplication and division

Lesson 9

  • Multiplication table

Lesson 10

  • Review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Lesson 11

  • Mental calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Lesson 12

  • Counting and calculating money

Lesson 13

  • Decimals

Lesson 14

  • Imperial unit system

Lesson 15

  • Metric unit system

Lesson 16

  • Reading bar graph

Lesson 17

  • Introduction to fraction

Lesson 18

  • Comparing fractions

Lesson 19

  • Equivalent fractions

Lesson 20

  • Counting and calculating time

Lesson 21

  • Introduction to geometry, angles

Lesson 22

  • Area

Lesson 23

  • Perimeter

Lesson 24

  • Review of geometry

TeacherMr. Lance (see teacher’sBIO)





众所周知,体操是完美的交叉训练运动,以体操动作为基础的体能训练,将帮助孩子建立反射神经和提升运动能力,提高身体协调性和身体意识,提升身体运动能力和整体体能水平。 少儿体能课动作设计结合了专项体操动作的技术特点,可以大大提高孩子的身体柔韧性和灵活性,提高孩子的心肺能力和身体素质,体能越好,大脑适应力越强,在认知和心理方面的能力也越好。此外,运动还可以调节情绪,减少焦虑循环。规律性的体能运动,对改善孩子的脾气,提高注意力、改善感统失调等都有显著的效果。


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Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Cox received a B.A. from Harvard University in History & Literature and an M.A. from Western Connecticut State University in English with a focus on writing education. Prior to her career in education, Mrs. Cox was a book editor at Simon & Schuster and Hyperion Press. Working as an excellent high school English teacher for many years, Mrs. Cox’s honors in teaching include selection for 2018 Fund for Teachers Fellow (2018), selection for 2020 AP Language & Composition Exam Reader, and many more distinguished awards. With extensive experience in helping children prepare for AP Literature & Composition, AP Language & Composition, 9th Grade Honors and CP English, 10th Grade Honors and CP English, and Poetry, Mrs. Cox is an inspiring teacher who can really get high schoolers passionate about the art and science of writing.

Mrs. Cox 以优等生的荣誉获得哈佛大学历史文学系学士学位以及西康涅狄格州立大学英语硕士学位(专注于写作教学)。在从事教育工作之前,Ms. Cox 在Simon & Schuster和Hyperion Press等知名出版社任编辑。转行教育后,Mrs. Cox 成为一名优秀的高中英语教师,她在教学方面获得的荣誉包括入选 2018 年教师基金的优秀教师、入选 AP 语言和作文阅卷评审老师等杰出奖项。她在AP 文学和写作、AP 语言和写作、9-10 年级荣誉课程(Honor)以及诗歌等方面有着丰富的教学经验,她将为初中生和高中生们带来高品质的英文阅读和写作课程。Mrs. Cox是一位鼓舞人心的老师,可以激发学生的热情,提高英文文学素养和写作的艺术。

Ms. Bengels

Ms. Bengels has received master degrees in Language Education and Gifted Education and is currently pursuing her PhD in Holocaust Studies. Having taught for over 20 years, she is passionate and experienced in teaching young, gifted students in subjects including language arts, math, theater, debate, and foreign languages.  As a well recognized writer herself, Ms. Bengels looks forward to working with students to help them put thoughts to paper in a creative, unique, and beautiful way.

Ms. Bengels拥有语言教育和天才教育的硕士学位,在她20多年的教学经历中,她教授天才班学生语言艺术、戏剧、数学等科目。Ms. Bengels将帮助学生在阅读写作方面充分拓展,不断探索开发语言文字的驾驭能力。

Mrs. Chesebro

Mrs. Chesebro has taught grades 2 through high school. For the last 20+ years, she worked with gifted elementary and middle school students. During that time, she coached classes in Debate, Model UN, Public Speaking, and guided students as they developed their own TED-style talks. Most recently, she was a co-organizer at a high school TEDx event.  Elaine travels to China twice a year to work in a STEM camp, teaching science and math courses.

Mrs. Chesebro是天才班的资深老师,在过去20多年的教师生涯中,她主要教授天才班的学生。她在辩论、模拟联合国、公共演讲等课程中担任老师和教练,指导学生在TED风格的演讲中建立自己的风格。Mrs. Chesebro耐心细腻,循循善诱,深受家长和学生们的好评。

Mr. Tian

Mr. Tian graduated from Rutgers University with a master’s degree in Data Science, has been teaching physics and math for more than 18 years. He taught many talented students in a famous school in Beijing. In 2013 he started to teach in a private school in Princeton. He is experienced in teaching elementary math,  math Olympiad training for kids, middle school and high school physics. Now Mr. Tian aims to build interest and math skills in his students. He would like to use his professional skills to help children enjoy learning math and science.


Mrs. Marino

Mrs. Marino is a communications strategist, science writer, freelance writer, essayist, and poet. Originally from the lovely Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, she now lives in the equally lovely subtropical zone of central Florida with her husband, sister, and a house full of Saint Bernards. She has given up snow days for hurricane days! She has been teaching young students in reading & writing for many years and currently teaches creative nonfiction at the University of Central Florida. Her writing has appeared in MIT’s Technology Review, Graham House Review, South Florida Review, and The Dream Book: An Anthology of Writings by Italian American Women, among others.

Mrs. Marino是沟通策略专家、科技作家、自由撰稿人,她还是一位诗人和评论家。Mrs. Marino具有多年的青少年阅读写作教学经验,她目前在Central Florida大学教授创意非小说类写作课。作为一位高产的作家,Mrs. Marino的作品曾在MIT’s Technology Review, Graham House Review, South Florida Review等刊物发表, The Dream Book: An Anthology of Writings by Italian American Women中也有她的作品。

Ms. Eileen

Ms. Eileen graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a PhD degree in Cognitive Science in Education (specialized in math). She had plenty of teaching experience with young learners. By using an interactive teaching method, Ms. Eileen desires to provide young students with an engaging learning environment in which they can ask questions, think, reflect, and learn. Interest is always the focus, rather than just drill-and-practice.

Ms. Eileen本科毕业于埃默里大学,博士毕业于哥伦比亚大学,她在哥伦比亚大学获得教育认知科学博士学位(数学专业)。Ms. Eileen在幼教教学上拥有丰富的教学经验,她的课程深受低龄孩子的喜欢。Ms. Eileen善于使用互动式教学法,为低龄学生创造出积极参与、乐在其中的学习氛围,让学生在提出问题、思考、反思的过程中沉浸式学习。在潜移默化培养数学逻辑和思维能力的过程中,Ms. Eileen让小朋友们享受到数学的“乐趣”和“美”,提高数感和逻辑思维能力,不知不觉爱上数学。

Mr. Costa

Mr. Costa graduated from Caltech with a double major BS in Computation/ Neural Systems and Business. His experience ranges from software development, machine learning, and education. He has an extensive math background, both academic and strictly competitive. With the love of teaching, Mr. Costa would  like to use his experience and ability to help students excel as well.

Notable competitive math experience:

  • 2012 President of Mu Alpha Theta, national math honor society
  • 2012 Captain of School Team on the MSG Varsity TV competition “the Challenge”
  • 2012 World Math Day Silver Medal (2nd place in the USA over 100,000 competitors)
  • 2011 President of MHS Math League
  • 2011 World Math Day Bronze Medal
  • 2010 South East Asian Mathematics Competition-3rd place individual (30+ countries)
  • 2009 UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge—Olympiad Member

Mr. Costa毕业于加州理工学院,获得了计算数学与认知科学双学位,他的工作经历涵盖了软件开发、机器学习和教育。他受过良好的数学训练,参加过许多著名数学竞赛并取得优异成绩。本着对数学和教育的热爱,Mr. Costa希望借助他的经验来激发学生学习数学的热情,并帮助学生在各级数学竞赛中表现出色。Mr. Costa热爱编程,善于带领学生通过项目实践提高编程技能,他将带领学生探索编程的乐趣,享受到项目成功的愉悦。