2020 Fall Virtual Classes

Course NameGradeTimePriceStarting/Ending
Math Fun I3.5y-4yTue,10:00-10:50$310/15 classesSept.15-Dec.22
Math Fun I3.5y-4ySat,10:00-10:50 $310/15 classesSept.12-Dec.19
Math Fun II 5y-6ySat,11:00-12:00$375/15 classesSept.12-Dec.19
Math Challenge II 2nd-3rdSat,9:30-10:30$400/16 classesSept.05-Dec.19
Math Challenge III 4th-5thSat,10:45-11:45$400/16 classesSept.05-Dec.19
Chess Beginner K & upSat,9:30-10:30$450/15 classesSept.12-Dec.19
Chess Intermediate1st & upSat,10:45-11:45$480/16 classesSept.05-Dec.19
Python Intermediate4th & upFri,16:00-17:30$490/14 classesSept.18-Dec.18
Python beginner (Chinese)3rd-5thFri,19:30-21:00 $490/14 classesSept.18-Dec.18
Public Speaking 101 2nd-3rdWed,16:00-17:00$400/16 classesSept.09-Dec.23
Public Speaking 101 4th-6thWed,17:15-18:15$375/15 classesSept.16-Dec.23
Presentation2nd-3rdTue,16:00-17:00$400/16 classesSept.08-Dec.22
Presentation4th-6thTue,17:15-18:15$375/15 classesSept.15-Dec.22
Ted Talk6th-10th Fri,19:30-21:00$600/16 classesSept.4-Dec.18
Reading & Writing2nd-3rdWed,19:30-20:30$400/16 classesSept.09-Dec.23
World Literature8th-11thSat,9:00-10:30$900/15 classesSept.12-Dec.19
Reading & Writing6th-8thTue,19:30-21:15$1050/15 classesSept.15-Dec.22
Scratch Beginner (Chinese) 1st & upThu,19:00-20:30$455/13 classesSept.17-Dec.17
Scratch Intermediate2nd & upThu,16:30-18:00$455/13 classesSept.17-Dec.17
Math Competition - Number Theory6th-10thSat,19:30-21:00$675/15 classesSept.12-Dec.19
AMC85th-8thSat,19:30-20:30$360/12 classesSept.10-Dec.17
Reading & Writing 4th-5thSat,19:30-20:30$420/14 classesSept.19-Dec.19

We Believe …

Interest and curiosity are the most basic motivations for learning. The art of education is to awaken the curiosity of the child so that they can pursue knowledge for themselves.

Growing comes not only from the learning, but also from the interest in continuous exploration.

Our Goals …

  • To cultivate curiosity and excitement for learning
  • To process information systematically and rationally
  • To nurture creativity
  • To gain attention, focus, control and resilience in the face of challenging tasks
  • To encourage teamwork and communication skills
  • To be able to bounce back from failure

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