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2020 Online Academic Summer Programs

Programs that your kids should never miss! Meet with the top teachers in fields. Debate, Public Speaking, Academic Reading& Writing, Competition Math, Programming and Chess!

Active learning with lots of fun, have a special summer with our energetic teachers and students.

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Summer School Review

At Robot Crops Summer Robotics Camp, kids of all skill levels explore robotics and coding in an intellectually rigorous and fun learning environment, gaining tools necessary for success in school and beyond.

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蓝桥杯青少年组比赛更注重公正性和严肃性,让那些个人能力出众、逻辑思维清晰和编程创意丰富的中小学生更容易脱颖而出 。

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Our Vision

We live in a rapidly changing world in which information technology will play increasing roles in our daily lives.  To be on the cutting edge of these exciting changes, it is essential for us to orient our children in the basics of robotics and coding. The best way to do this is in a fun, educational environment where children can use their curiosity to solve simple questions.  From this, we are training kids to not fear technology and to dare to try, explore, create, and lead the world to a better future.



Our Mission

Through building and programming robots and coding them, we want to inspire students to think creatively with their hands, impart skills that will help them in all situations in their student and professional lives, and always be curious. 

Our Beliefs

Interest and curiosity lead to questions.  They are fundamental motivators for true learning.  The purpose of education is to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and provide resources for children to seek answers on their own.  
Imagination comes before knowledge; the courage to try outshines all outcomes; teamwork can make things happen. All in all, learning is about the journey and not the destination.
Growth and learning are lifelong experiences that go hand in hand.  It is essential to preserve curiosity and interest to allow for lifelong adventures and exploration. 




机器人兵团是创始于2012年的K12 STEAM教育培训项目。